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Frequently Asked Questions is the section where to get answers before contacting us. We will regularly update these with frequently questions asked thru our contact page and/or email. If you want to provide feedback on this FAQ or missing an answer then please contact us.

What do you mean by Holding Group? Our Holding serves two purposes, 1: it holds ownerships of daughter companies 2: provides services or management support either directly or indirectly to (daughter) companies and individuals.
Do you take any assignment(s)? No, we definitely reserve the right to refuse assignments which are, for instance against (local) laws, racial or religious driven, aimed solely at tax evasion and/or unlawful gains/profits, scams, fraudulent or drugs related.
Do you guarantee results? No, we definitely will do our utmost best to meet the agreed goals & targets. In worst case scenario our liability will be always limited to any and all payments made for the particular assignment that is under dispute. No exceptions!
Which jurisdiction do you work under? We are in the process of incorporating our formal business somewhere in Asia. We are looking for the right mix of legal and business opportunities. For now, we do our business under Dutch Law and the Legal Court of Amsterdam as we came from The Netherlands. If we have news we certainly will post it in the News section.
Can I join TRIYM? Maybe, currently no open positions exists but we are always willing to listen.
Do you invest in any company/startup? No, same restrictions in assignments (see above) apply. Currently we are heavily involved in two startup's so only exceptional proposals will be looked at.
Do you use cookies?  Currently we do not use any cookies of our own. We do use Google Analytics to track & trace website usage. We may contact you in case we see strange use of our website.
Do you obey privacy laws?  As European we like to adhere to all privacy laws as well as data protection laws. So we will never use your personal data for any other purpose than we agreed upfront nor will we keep it longer than necessary. If you want to know what we store about you please contact us and ask for a copy.