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Consulting - Services

We offer the following consulting services to businesses and individual customers (use left menu for individual options):

  • Reorganization Services - Get help on reorganizing, right-sizing and aligning your organization for the future
    • Now is the time to reorganize and/or (re)align your company or department to get ready for a better future! But ... you might have many questions like: How, Who and What will they think of you after a necessary reorganization? In ALL of these questions you might want our help and keep your hands clean. It is proven that peoples trust will take a long time to restore in you or management after a reorganization no matter what you call it or if you do it. The BIG difference you can make is let us do it and blame it on us as third party. After the reorganization we leave and you sit safely in the trust zone.   
  • Interim Management Services - Get temporary help to manage your business, department or team
    • Our Interim Management services are right for you if you are looking for someone taking over a team, division, branch or company for a foreseeable but  limited time period. This might be the case because of sudden illness, sudden job-openings, reorganizations or even clean up the mess (whatever it takes) kinds of situations. Interim Management Services provided as of 2015:
      • Board level change agent
        • Capable of operation on board and CxO level
        • Managing a business
      •     Reorganization Interim Manager
        • During reorganization period provide management for new role
        • Hand-over to permanent leader
        • Hire or help hire permanent leader
      • Clean up/Turn around Manager
        •   get the dirty job done
        •   hire and fire
        •   for a maximum of 6 months
        •   incentive on measurable achieved results
      • Temporary Leader/CEO
        •  during illness or other disabilities manage on your behalf
        •  Be local when you need to be abroad for significant amount of time (for instance to setup another location/division abroad)
        •  Setup and lead new division (abroad)
  • IT Strategy & Innovation Services - Get help on your IT Strategy or boost your innovation ideas or power
    • Digital Age? Are you were you want to be? Do you get enough or any benefits of the Digital Age already? Or do you gave problems formulating your IT-Strategy? Innovation - easy said but difficult done especially when you lack direction in IT-Strategy. We can help in BOTH of these areas, combine existing strenghts to something new innovative is what we do best. So let us help you formulate or restate your IT-Strategy. Our conversations and market reserach on our part will help you generate innovative options to put you (back) on the innovation charts and have your customers love you for it!

  • Advisory services - Get some independent feedback on where you stand, right path to go and idea generation for moving forward
    • Advisory services have in common that they are for small periods of time and/or might be of an irregular nature. These services are usually for a very specific task of a short duration. They also are likely to change or shift focus over time in which case you either want flexibility or have the choice to increase, suspend or even stop the advisory services. Advisory Services provided as of 2015:
      • Sounding board
        • Reorganizations - will it get you the benefits and fast enough?
        • Strategy - is this leverage of your key strength and will it bring value?
        • People - giving advice on your staff, help with interviewing, people issues?
        • Process - giving advice on your process, key areas to look in, feedback?
        • IT - giving advice on your IT, direction, strategy, key attention areas to look at?
        • CIO/CTO - Board level, CEO/CFO expectations, strategy, cost reductions?
      • Your Personal Advisor/Mentor
        • Get started - are you new in your role as CIO/CTO?
        • Get support - like to have someone there for you either in the background or foreground?
        • Get advice - want to have advice on your ideas or plans before you try them out for real?
        • Improve - need advice on your management style, areas of improvement
        • Get energized - need a personal motivator, recharger of battery, coach, mentor?
      • Creativity Advisor
        • New ideas - do you need to generate new ideas or options?
        • New angles - get advice on problem solving i.e. where to look first or different ways of solving the it?
        • New inroads - get unstuck by fresh sharp analysis as open and direct you can handle?
        • New insights - See your world through different independent eyes
      • Procurement Advisor
        • The best deal - advice or negotiate on procurement decisions, strategies, positions?
  • Audit Services - Get independent objective insight/feedback/audit and/or advice where and what to improve
    • Are you getting unsure whether your IT-project is going to deliver the quality you expect on time and on budget? You outsourced your project but you feel you need an independenyt audit on the quality? Or just need a quick assessment whether everything is still on track? In ALL of those occassions you come to the right place! We quickly the right answers to all of these questions. Not only that but our vast IT experience ensures we cut to any smoke screen or do not get thrown off the path to find the real status. 

Please give us a call or drop us an email to get more details on what we offer in these categories.
In principle we try to adapt to your needs and tailor our offering to match that as best as we can.