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We live and breathe for the entire software development process which means both the process to get there, like Agile/Scrum, as the process of designing and implementing software as a solution.

You probably heard of SaaS (Software as a Service) and nowadays especially mentioned together with the "Cloud" or cloud services. It lowers cost of ownership, reduces IT overhead (hopefully 100% for your clients) and takes away the burden of keeping it up and running, upgrading, takes care of backup and security. So far, so good, nothing wrong with it, or?

We believe that even if you make software as a service or put it into the cloud it is still not a Software as a Solution (SaaS+). For your clients to consider your software a solution it the client should only spend time on getting the job efficiently and effectively done and on nothing else. To achieve this all manual repetitive work needs to have been automated out of your client's way. Also the solution needs to be able to communicate effectively with the outside without any manual intervention. This is to our belief only possible through messaging.
Thus the three main criteria a software solution needs to fullfil to be called SaaS+ are:

  1. SaaS compliant - if you cannot offer your software as a service then it will never be able to become SaaS+
  2. Message Based - if it can't semi-intelligent communicate to the outside world then it is not future proof and hence not the solution
  3. Automated Max - if your client or you still need to do a lot of manual work and fiddling it certainly is not yet a solution for either or both
Granted the third criteria is the most difficult to objectively establish but an honest client and/or professional can tell easily the difference!

Now that we have criteria for SaaS+ we can define the ultimate goal for Software as a Solution and that is if the solution actually helps, adopts fast to faster changing markets and demands plus never sleeps. So if your solution tries to stay one step ahead of the client they will actually love your or, should we say, their solution. Never sleeps means the software solution is 24*7 in the air, in quiet times prepares for next demands and makes sure all data is safe and secure. An update of the software should be done on the fly such that clients of this solution do not even notice it during their work. So no downtime for upgrades, backups or hardware failures.
Thus the three extra criteria for a Software as a Solution needs to fullfil to be called SaaS++ are:
  1. Saas+ compliant - if you cannot offer your SaaS+ then it will never be able to become SaaS++
  2. Modular Based - if it is not highly modular then it will be very difficult to upgrade, expand, scale up or out, over tailer made solutions while miantaining quality and integrity
  3. Never sleeps - if you cannot run your solution 24*7 then IT Operations quality has not been built in right from the start
We strongly believe that quality needs to be build-in rather than tested-in. Any developemnt of a software as a solutions has to be done with the end in mind on all areas of IT.

We offer the following services to businesses and individual customers:
  • Agile Scrum Services - Software, Review and Coaching
  • Automated Trading System - Use, Review and Design & Implementation
  • Messaging Solutions - Use, Review and Design & Implementation
  • Wealth Management Solution - Review and Design & Implementation
More than 30 years of software architecture and development are at your disposal, 
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