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Future Trading Developments

Future Trading Developments

We have plenty of ideas on building intelligent 100% automated trade solutions. We know exactly how and what we would like to build. 

Messaging way to go

Messaging enhances and compliments object oriented development so well that we are womdering why so little companies adopt or force this always. Of course it requires development staff and management to comprehend both very well. Most of all the A-synchronous message architecture is inherent difficult to grasp by human minds as we are trained and taught to do things synchronously. Once you have pure objects dealing with well defined inputs will generate well defined outputs provided no global data exists, than a-synchronous messaging makes things very easy. Once messaging is fully embraced updating parts of the solution (system) becomes even more simpel and avoids (massive) updates. 

Thinking in negations!

Good (trade) strategies begins with the end in mind and with a clear vision where one wants to be. Equally important one needs to be crystal clear what you do not want to do or go for. This is what we call thinking in negations i.e. eliminating the things that obviously do not fit your solution space. Thinking in negations is only possible for the happy few, again because we are constantly taught and learned in thinking in positive or definitive ways. So long or endless descriptions on what something is seems easier than describing what is not. Thinking in negations limits search spaces much faster!

Rat race to zero?

We do not believe in this at all, further automation in the trade arena eventually will make it a 100% equal sum game because one cannot beat the speed of light, so the advantage of being first will be gone for networks soon. Only if the stock exchanges will sit physically closer to eachother one can hope to be faster for a limited time. Remains the machines, they will keep getting faster slower and at higher prices and the ROI will surely kill keeping this race up. So, now what? It is our belief that only intelligent trade strategies not based on nano-speeds can make a difference. Of course ant trade solutions needs to be fast enough to get trades in or out and can make fun out of high speed solutions as they can make mistakes very fast too.

Add Intelligence 

Easily said, difficult done. Some of us have an Artificial Intelligence background and although AI has been over-hyped and destroyed completely we do believe that AI should stand for Add Intelligence. Modern techniques and possibilities certainly allow for smart solutions with a bit of learning in a very closed environment. 


Finally let me share all our trade secrets with you ... Really? Did you honestly think we will share with the whole world what we are going to do and more importantly how? Sure, critics will now say "who is interested in them?" Well, if you caught the attention of some major private wealth banks in Europe and USA as well as Forex community attention ... then maybe just maybe we are more serious and capable than you think.