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We are researching Big Data of Forex (Foreign Exchange market) for the best configurations of our 100% automated trading robots on the FOREX market. Once our research finds promising looking configurations we put that on rigorous back-testing for at least 10 years of tick-data.

The FOREX markets run 24*5 days and we have access to various timed tick-data to also test the sensitivity towards time-intervals. If the configuration passes all those test, which takes days of 24 hours of straight calculations, then we start testing them in real-time:
  1. First, we run them in the virtual money environment to see how they perform there. Not to worry, this is just done to see no strange things happen and we know that running there means a perfect fill always.
  2. Secondly, we start running them with real dollars in the actual market and monitor them closely for a number of weeks.
  3. Lastly, if they do well or better than the previous one(s) then we release them on larger amounts and have them continuous running.

Raptor has been up and running for almost three years now and prior to that another 4 years of research, testing, trying and refining was done. We have had traders and an investment house looking at our results and scrutinize our way forward. They saw our potential and tried to have us working for them which was not actually our intention.

Our concept of going to the market is very different and it works in four simple steps:

  1. you open an account with our future trading partner, currently looking for the best direct connect trading partner
  2. You then open one (or more) trade accounts with future trading partner
  3. You give us access to the trade account(s)
  4. We run our robots on those trade account(s)

This way you are guaranteed that we can never get to your trade funds because to get money out of your account you need access to the account itself. From a trade account you can only trade or send money back to the main account or your linked bank account

The fee structure is a simple profit sharing of a high watermark. This means in case of a loss this loss has to be recovered first before more profit sharing takes place.

If you are interested then please contact us to discuss and agree details prior to opening an account as it does require some efforts on your part although it is for free. Of course if you have one already that is fine too.

Our new dedicated RaptorFX site is there for you!